PYMIG Jan. ’23 Meeting – last hybrid meeting

The PYMIG held its final hybrid meeting for the Metrorail construction project on January 23, 2023, at 7:00 pm in-person at City Hall and via Zoom. The City posted the meeting’s agenda, video, and presentation materials here. (Note:  The 44-minute video and presentation materials will help you understand the synopsis below). The City and WMATA will provide monthly construction update videos until the Metrorail station opens in May.

Views of Construction. A series of aerial photos provide an overview of the current state of the Metrorail station headhouse/mezzanine, platforms, and the north and south entry pavilions. (Slides 4-7). Ground-level photos of the headhouse show that PYC has installed the station’s glass curtain wall and the northwest emergency exit ramp (Slides 8-9).

Access Road. The road that emergency vehicles will use to access the headhouse will also contain a walking path for our residents to access the Metrorail station. PYC has placed approximately 10 feet of fill to bring the road up to grade. Completion of the access road awaits warmer weather to place a crushed stone subgrade and asphalt (Slides 10-13).

Construction Photos. You can find numerous photos of the current state of construction on slides 14-35.

Opening Date. The City’s liaison with WMATA, Daphne Kott, said that WMATA had scheduled the Metrorail station ribbon cutting and revenue opening for May 2023. You can find her comments at time 19:45-20:05 of the PYMIG video.

Post-Opening Restoration. PYC’s onsite construction manager, Matt Prpich, discussed the wetlands restoration at time 13:50-15:00 of the PYMIG video. You can find a more extended discussion of restoring areas in Potomac Greens (north park, gazebo, traffic circle, and paving of Potomac Greens Drive) at time 20:20-33:35 of the PYMIG video.

Update courtesy of Steve Crime, PG’s neighborhood liaison to PYMIG.