Cloudy Water in Neighborhood – 3/26/2021

Several of our residents have reported that the water coming from the cold water taps in our houses is somewhat cloudy, while the cold water from the filtered refrigerator water dispensers is clear. Please check to see if the same condition is present in your house. If it is, please report the issue to the Virginia American Water Company (VAWC) at 703-549-7080. VAWC has said that a break in the water main line along Potomac Greens Drive is causing the discoloration. They are flushing the water main line. VAWC said you should also flush the water from the lines in your house at about 7 p.m. for several minutes and it should begin to run clear. Here is a photo that shows the difference in the appearance of water from the two sources (tap on the left and refrigerator on the right):