Construction Update – 4-24-2020

There are four items of interest to the community:

Metro Station access from the east (Potomac Greens) side.   The City updated the Presidents of the Boards of Directors for Potomac Greens, Old Town Greens Condos, Old Town Greens Townhomes, Dave Weitzel (OTG PYMIG rep), David Dunn (Communities East of CSX rep), and

Steve Crime (PG PYMIG rep) on the latest plan for access on our side to the Metro Station.  The original plan was for us to be able to enter the down-sized Metro Station via elevators.  We asked that the designers add a set of stairs to eliminate the possibility of the elevators becoming a bottleneck on our side.   The City has now informed us the design will not add access stairs on our side of the station. The City will present this latest plan to the PYMIG as a whole at a future date; however, the City wanted to give Potomac Greens and Old Town Greens advance notice since we are the communities most affected by the modification.  For newer residents, the background for this decision follows:

The joint permit application (JPA) to the State Water Control Board (SWCB) and the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) specified how much wetlands acreage would be used for the station.  The SWCB and USACE approved a permit that permanently cedes 1.56 acres of wetlands for the station. Construction will temporarily impact another 2.01 acres of wetlands. The approved permanent acreage was enough to allow the footprint of the station itself, the dual-purpose pedestrian walkway/emergency access road we will use to enter the station, and square footage for an emergency vehicle turnaround area on the north side of the station.

The initial idea for adding stairs on our side of the station was to build a staircase tower on the north side of the station in the turnaround area. The City Fire Department and City Code Enforcement have determined that proposal to be unacceptable because using a portion of the turnaround area would make it too small to allow emergency vehicles to turnaround. Therefore, it would require emergency vehicles to back up a thousand feet on the access road to exit the area.

The planners (City Staff, WMATA, and the builders) also explored the possibility of moving the stairs within the footprint of the station.  They determined there is not enough available square footage within the station mezzanine footprint to make this possible. Although the station will not have access stairs on our side, the station design incorporates emergency egress routes.  The station will have a dual set of tracks with platforms on either side.  There will be emergency egress routes at either end of both platforms should the station need to be evacuated.

Clubhouse Crosswalk.  The flashing signs for the crosswalk in front of our Clubhouse have been installed and are operable.

Noise Variance. The City has granted the builders a noise variance for evening work 4/26-4/29, 5/3-5/6, and 5/10-5/13.  Details can be found here.

Second Construction Entrance at the north park. The builders will begin installation of a second construction access to the north park on Potomac Greens Drive within the next week. As discussed at the February 24 PYMIG meeting, the new stabilized area behind the fence along Potomac Greens Drive will be used by WMATA and City staff when visiting the site. PYC will also install two temporary pedestrian ramps that direct pedestrian traffic away from the Carpenter Drive construction entrance.

The above update is courtesy of Steve Crime  – PG neighborhood’s PYMIG liaison

The following is from the PG Board:

The Board was not consulted in any of these decisions. Please direct all inquiries or your concerns about these decisions to Lydia Durand (, Daphne Kott (, or the Mayor.