Metrorail Station Construction Update – Feb. 2023

The City posted a video update on the Metrorail station’s current state of construction and you can view the video here. (Note:  The 12-minute video and presentation materials will help you understand the synopsis below). The City and WMATA will provide additional construction update videos until the Metrorail station opens in May.

Access Road/Path. PYC has paved an asphalt base layer for the road/path that emergency vehicles and our residents will use to access the Metrorail station. PYC will install an asphalt topcoat shortly before the station opens (Slides 3-6).

Wetlands Restoration. PYC has begun the initial work to restore the one acre of wetlands they have temporarily used during the station’s construction. When construction began, PYC installed approximately two feet of fill and rocks along the side of the east platform. You may have noticed a recent increase in dump trucks passing through our community as PYC removes that fill (slides 7-10).

Construction Photos. You will find numerous photos of the construction progress of the platforms, headhouse, entry pavilions, and pedestrian bridges in slides 11-29. PYC also installed additional offsite electrical equipment at National Airport to support station operations (slides 30-33).

Update courtesy of Steve Crime, PG’s neighborhood liaison to PYMIG.