Paint Disposal

Many of you may have noticed garbage trucks spilling paint in our alleys. This is caused by improper disposal of unwanted cans of paint. The City provides procedures to properly dispose of unwanted cans of oil-based and latex-based paint.

The City considers oil-based paint to be hazardous waste. Residents should take all oil-based paint to the hazardous waste collection facility at 3224 Colvin Street. You can deliver oil-based paint to the collection facility as a liquid in the original can. The facility is open Monday and Saturday (7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.). You can find a complete list of acceptable/unacceptable hazardous materials here.

Latex-based paint is not considered hazardous waste; however, the City requires latex-based paint to be dried to a solidified mass before it is placed in the regular trash. You can find suggested methods to solidify small amounts of latex-based paint (1/3 can or less) here. For larger amounts of latex-based paint, Home Depot and Lowes carry commercial waste paint hardeners. Follow the product instructions and remove the lid until the paint has solidified.

Paint and other products we use every day may contain chemicals that are potentially hazardous to our health and the environment. It is a personal responsibility to properly use, store, and dispose of paint and other hazardous waste when residents are working on DIY projects. Additionally, please make it clear to painters and other contractors who work on your homes that they are not allowed to improperly place unwanted paint or other hazardous waste into your trash receptacles. Please help us keep Potomac Greens clean, neat, and a desirable community in which to live.

All best–
The PG HOA Board