Stormwater Pond Remediation Work

Dear PG neighbors–
Work has begun on the stormwater pond remediation project to bring it into functioning order as a dry pond in compliance with Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) standards. The shared-use stormwater pond on the southeast corner of Carpenter Road is the responsibility of PG HOA to manage, per the Stormwater Management Agreement of July 2014 with Old Town Greens (OTG), and Potomac Plaza businesses on the corner of Slaters Lane and Potomac Greens Drive.
This week the contractor will work to drain the pond completely, and allow the accumulated sediment to dry out (weather dependent). You can expect to see traffic control measures and mobilization of the heavy equipment that will be required to remove the accumulated sediment to allow the pond to operate and function as originally designed.
Next week, the contractor plans to begin dredging and removing sediment, so we can expect to see dump trucks entering and exiting the area from the southeast corner of Carpenter Road. Depending on weather conditions, it is expected to take up to a month to complete the project.
All best–
The PG HOA Board