Potomac Greens is a stylish and exceptionally situated townhouse community in Alexandria, Virginia. Located minutes away from Washington, D.C., the Potomac River Waterfront, King Street, and many of the area’s finest restaurants and shopping, Potomac Greens offers its residents live within walking distance. Community amenities include a clubhouse, pool, nature trail, tot-lots, and beautiful green spaces.

Community Announcements

  • Reminder – Board Meeting 2/25 @ 7 pm
    Just a reminder that there’s a Board meeting this Thursday, February 25, at 7pm. It will be held virtually; please email Christie Beruete at cberuete@sentrymgt.com for log-in details if you plan to attend.
  • PYC Noise Variance Permit – Feb. 17 – Mar. 6, 2021

    Potomac Yard Constructors (PYC) has been issued a noise variance permit for night work as described below. The scope of work consists of the assembly and erection of the pedestrian bridge across WMATA and CSX roadways (tracks). This work is required to take place at night due to CSX regulations regarding work over the active roadway. Note, the work may not be continuous due to weather and availability of CSX work windows.

    Dates of work and anticipated activities: February 17th through March 6th: Bridge Erection Over CSX and WMATA Roadways

    Work Hours: 6:00pm – 7:00am

    Activity: Pedestrian Bridge Erection

    Location: North Pavilion site area ...

  • Metrorail Station Construction Update 2/17/21

    This past weekend, the builders intended to install the pedestrian bridge from Potomac Yard to the Metrorail station and install duct banks under the WMATA tracks to connect the AC switchgear building to the station. Work on the pedestrian bridge was postponed due to weather; however, the duct banks were installed. Residents at the north end of Potomac Greens may have noticed there is now a ‘clacking’ sound as WMATA trains pass through the section where the duct banks were installed. Due to low temperatures, the reinstalled tracks were bolted together instead of being welded together. This will be corrected ...

  • Metrorail Station Construction Update – Weekend Work – 2/12/2021

    We were told in earlier PYMIG meetings that the builders planned to install the Metrorail Station’s pedestrian bridge from the knuckle to the mezzanine (crossing over the CSX and WMATA tracks) over President’s Day weekend.  Due to possible inclement weather, the builders were uncertain if the work could be accomplished.  We have just received a letter from WMATA informing us that the work will occur this weekend.  The work will begin at midnight tonight and continue around the clock for the rest of the weekend.  A copy of the letter follows:

  • Paint Disposal

    Many of you may have noticed garbage trucks spilling paint in our alleys. This is caused by improper disposal of unwanted cans of paint. The City provides procedures to properly dispose of unwanted cans of oil-based and latex-based paint.

    The City considers oil-based paint to be hazardous waste. Residents should take all oil-based paint to the hazardous waste collection facility at 3224 Colvin Street. You can deliver oil-based paint to the collection facility as a liquid in the original can. The facility is open Monday and Saturday (7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.). You can find a complete list of acceptable/unacceptable hazardous materials 

  • February 2021 Board Meeting
    There will be an HOA Board meeting on Thursday, February 25, 2021, at 7pm. (The Board may enter into executive session from 6:30-7pm to discuss legal or contract matters.) We’ll be meeting virtually again, so if you’d like to attend, please email Christie Beruete (cberuete@sentrymgt.com) for instructions for how to access the meeting.
    The gym, shuttle, and parking surveys will close on February 24, so if you haven’t responded to any of them, please do so by then!
    In addition to this month’s meeting the Board plans ...
  • Jan. 2021 PYMIG Meeting Notes (video update) – 2021-02-04

    The PYMIG posted a video update of Metrorail Station construction on February 2, 2020.  The video’s purpose was for the builders (Potomac Yard Constructors or PYC) to discuss the Metrorail Station’s progress and address the future construction schedule.  The video is available here.  I encourage residents to view the 12:34 minute video.  The drawing below will help residents locate the various elements of the Metrorail station.

    1. Mezzanine/Headhouses. The concrete pours for the mezzanine are almost complete. There will be some additional concrete pours for the headhouse platforms. Due to cold temperatures, the builders wrapped the lower portion of the ...

  • PG Parking Permit Survey – 02/02/2021

    As the Potomac Yard Metro project continues, the Board is considering applying through the City to designate Potomac Greens as a residential parking permit district. This would allow PG residents to purchase permits and park without issue on our neighborhood streets (which are City-owned). More importantly, it would also deter non-residents from parking in PG merely to use the new Metro station.

    Please take a look at the following details (below) and then complete this 1-question survey–here–about your interest in the creation of a special parking district.

    Thank you–
    The PG HOA Board


    Creating a ...

  • Start-of-Year Requests, Surveys, Reminders – 1/27/2021
    With the new year, the Board has the following reminders and requests for info.
    1. Homeowners, please remember to pay your monthly dues and email Christie Beruete (cberuete@sentrymgt.com) with questions. If COVID has affected your ability to pay your dues, please reach out to Christie. The Board will work with you on a solution, and all requests of this nature are kept strictly confidential.
    2. Landscape crews will be coming through the neighborhood in the coming days to distribute mulch. Homes with blue reflectors will not receive mulch, so please remove or display your reflectors accordingly.
    3. Tell us about your ...
  • PYMIG Jan 25, 2021 Meeting Canceled – 1-24-2021
    The City has canceled the virtual PYMIG meeting scheduled for Monday, January 25, 2021.  The City will post a construction update video 
    on the PYMIG page in lieu of the meeting.  
    Update courtesy of Steve Crime – PG neighborhood’s PYMIG liaison