• Landscape Work in Rose Square – 06/02/2020
    Please be aware that the community’s landscaping contractor, Grounds Management, will be in the neighborhood tomorrow, June 3, to begin some planned work on Rose Square. They’ll be removing the dying redbuds and surrounding bushes and replacing them with Crepe Myrtles and boxwoods, respectively.
    Our thanks go to PG’s Landscape Committee for assessing and proposing this work to keep Rose Square in its beautiful, pristine condition.
    All best–
    The PG HOA Board
  • Thank You from the Owners of Rustico & Buzz Bakeshop – 5-28-2020

    Neighborhood Restaurant Group, the owners of neighborhood Rustico, Buzz Bakeshop, Evening Star and Planet Wine, is offering Potomac Greens residents $5.00 off code to try out Neighborhood Provisions.

    At check out, use code: NPPGREENS

    (there is a $35 minimum)

    Neighborhood Provisions is an online delivery shop with an evolving selection of groceries and pantry goods, ready-to-cook foods, prepared meals, wine, beer, spirits and more delivered to your door. NRG created Neighborhood Provisions to feed the communities and the people that have embraced them during their decades of business and to continue to support and employ staff during this challenging time.

  • PYMIG and Construction Updates – 5-19-2020

    There are two items of interest to the community.

    PYMIG Update. The PYMIG has not met since February 7, 2020, because of COVID-19 concerns.  The City anticipates PYMIG meetings will resume in the Fall. However, a short video presentation of PYMIG-related topics was uploaded to the City website last week. The narrator, Daphne Kott, addresses the latest construction schedule (slide 5), provides photos of ongoing construction (slides 6-10), and presents an overview of the entire project schedule (slide 11). The presentation closes by addressing concerns raised by our residents over construction practices. You can view the presentation at:… 

  • Pool & Lifeguard Applications – 5-19-2020
    The Potomac Greens pool’s opening and operating schedule and rules for this summer will depend on guidance from the State of Virginia and City of Alexandria regarding rules for social distancing and other preventative measures that may change in the coming weeks.

    In the meantime the company that services the pool, Atlantic Pool Service, is seeking applications for lifeguards with the assumption that the pool may open at some point during the summer. They let us know the following:

    Lifeguards Wanted for Summer Employment: Atlantic Pool Service, Inc., is looking for lifeguards to work this summer at the Potomac Greens community pool. ...
  • 3-Way Stop (at former Traffic Circle) Update – 5-12-2020

    Dear PG neighbors–

    The Board has reached out to the City and the Alexandria Police Dept. about the recent uptick in construction trucks traveling through the neighborhood at excessive speeds and not heeding the stop signs at the new three-way intersection. In response the Metro contractor, PYC, will soon install no-parking signs and stop sign warnings around the intersection in compliance with the Virginia Dept. of Motor Vehicles, and will trim back the tree limbs near the new stop signs so that the signs are more visible. Additionally the APD will increase its police presence throughout PG to enforce speed limits ...

  • Board Update and COVID-19 – 5-11-2020

    Dear PG neighbors–

    As the national, state, and local COVID-19 restrictions begin to change, the Board is tracking developments as promptly and carefully as possible. In the coming weeks we’ll be working with the Communications Committee to send out updates for the community–regarding the pool, the fitness center, and more–so please stay tuned.

    As always, these messages will be available in the PG Facebook group, the PG HOA website, and by email. If you don’t receive emails from the Comms Committee, please send a note to with your contact info, and they’ll add ...

  • Construction Update – 4-24-2020

    There are four items of interest to the community:

    Metro Station access from the east (Potomac Greens) side.   The City updated the Presidents of the Boards of Directors for Potomac Greens, Old Town Greens Condos, Old Town Greens Townhomes, Dave Weitzel (OTG PYMIG rep), David Dunn (Communities East of CSX rep), and

    Steve Crime (PG PYMIG rep) on the latest plan for access on our side to the Metro Station.  The original plan was for us to be able to enter the down-sized Metro Station via elevators.  We asked that the designers add a set of stairs to eliminate the possibility of ...

  • Trash Collection & Dog Leash and Clean-up – 4-7-2020

    City of Alexandria – Refuse Collection Changes & Help Protect Crews

    The City is asking its residents to help reduce discarded waste in order to help protect collection crews. You can see the complete notice here. Some very important things to note are:

    • Dispose of used wipes, tissues and paper towels in trash bags that are tied shut.
    • Flatten cardboard boxes to create more room in recycling carts.
    • For customers with City-issued trash carts, bags and bulk material placed outside the carts will be left uncollected. This change will take effect Monday, April 13.
    • Yard waste pickup in Alexandria remains suspended until further notice.

    Leash ...

  • Construction Update – Traffic Circle – 4-2-2020

    Traffic Circle.  PYC has been unsuccessful in finding an alternative supplier to provide concrete planters for the traffic circle because of the spreading disruptions caused by COVID-19.  Therefore, PYC will be installing jersey walls as an interim measure until a supplier for the planters can be found.  The jersey walls will be installed within the week, possibly as soon as Thursday or Friday.   

    Update courtesy of Steve Crime  – PG neighborhood’s PYMIG liaison

  • Sentry Management Offices

    Due to COVID-19, most Sentry Management employees are working remotely, away from our offices, to support every Association. Starting on March 17, 2020, Sentry offices are locked, to provide the safest possible work environment in order to protect the health of the remaining staff handling the phones, and performing necessary in-office work.

    If you need immediate assistance, please call your Sentry Management office. A complete list of offices and phone numbers is on website under the For Homeowners tab.

    Board members: Please call, or e-mail your Community Manager, and they will assist ...

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