• Oct 1st – Free Covid-19 Testing in Alexandria – 9/29/30

    OCTOBER 1, 4-7 P.M.
    Charles Houston Recreation Center  901 Wythe St.

    • It is not required, but please bring your ID and insurance card if you have those
    • Parent or guardian must accompany anyone under 18
    • Ages 2 and up may be tested
    • You will receive take-home instructions and a call with results

    If you would like to pre-register for the event, call 703.647.6160.
    Walk-ups are always welcome!

    Sponsored by City of Alexandria.


  • PYMIG 9-21-2020 Meeting Summary & Metro Station Update – 9/24/20

    The PYMIG held a virtual meeting via Zoom on September 21, 2020, at 7:00 pm. The meeting’s purpose was for the builders (Potomac Yard Constructors or PYC) to update the Metrorail Station’s progress and address the future construction schedule. The agenda, presentation materials, and video of the meeting are available at (Notes: The presentation material slides will significantly help you understand the synopsis below. The first nine minutes of the video are Zoom “housekeeping” details and no useful info is presented.)


    1. Construction Update. (Note: I included a photo below in this update to clarify the locations of the various ...
    2. Construction Traffic Safety & Street Lights – 9/23/20
      The Board would like to re-up the following two requests:
      First, if you have any photos or videos of construction vehicles disobeying stop signs or speed limits while driving through Potomac Greens, please send them to the Communications Committee at
      Second, if you submitted a 311 ticket to the City regarding one of the new, bright streetlights outside your home and you haven’t yet heard from the City or a PG HOA Board member, please send an email to the Communications Committee at before Monday, ...
    3. Metrorail Station Construction Update – 9/17/20

      Update: 9/16/2020

      The latest construction photos of the Metrorail Station are attached.  As you can see, work seems to be moving along.  These photos show the installation of green rebar for the floor of the headhouse platform, two photos showing progress on installing the black rebar for the headhouse basement, and the northwest side of the headhouse.

      Update courtesy of Steve Crime – PG neighborhood’s PYMIG liaison

    4. Construction Traffic Safety Concerns – 9/9/20
      The Board continues to be in conversation with the City and WMATA about how to keep our streets safe while the new Metro station is being built and the volume of construction vehicles traveling through PG is high. The Alexandria PD patrols our area intermittently, and the City has invested in radar equipment to measure speed, but the equipment is currently on back order (it will be installed in PG as soon as it’s delivered).
      In the meantime we’re seeking video or photos that show construction vehicles driving unsafely, not obeying the 25mph speed limit, or not stopping at stop signs. ...
    5. PYMIG Sept 2nd Update – 9/4/2020

      The City posted its August PYMIG update video on the City website.  You can find it at  Slides 4-7 show the design of the Southwest Access Pavilion located in Potomac Yard.  Slide 10 contains the near-term construction schedule for the next three months.  Slides 14-19 depict the current state of construction. Slide 20 shows the long-term construction schedule through the completion of the station in March 2022. PYMIG will hold a virtual meeting on September 21, 2020.  City Staff will provide the time of the meeting and details on how to participate shortly.  I took the attached photo ...

    6. Metro Shuttle Update – 9/1/20
      The responses to the Metro shuttle survey last week showed that our community’s demand for shuttle service hasn’t yet returned to a level that justifies resuming its service. The majority of respondents reported that if the shuttle were running now they would use it zero days per week. However, we understand that residents’ commutes might change in the coming weeks and months, so we plan to conduct this survey again in a month or so, and as needed thereafter, to make sure we know if and when the demand for the shuttle ramps back up.
      Meantime, thanks to all who took ...
    7. Virtual Board Meeting Sep. 17 – 8/26/20
      There will be a Potomac Greens HOA Board meeting on Thursday, September 17, from 7:00- 8:00 pm. The Board may enter into executive session from 6:30-7:00 pm to discuss legal or contract matters. Because of the ongoing COVID-related restrictions we’ll be meeting virtually as we have for the past two meetings, via GoTo Meeting. If you’d like to attend, please email Christie Beruete (, and she’ll send you instructions for how to access the meeting by computer or phone. If you plan to ask a question during the homeowners forum, please also send that question to Christie.
      As ...
    8. Pool Closing & Shuttle Survey – 8/23/20

      As we near the end of the summer, the Board has two updates for the community, one about the pool and one about the Metro shuttle.

      Regarding the pool, Governor Northam has not changed COVID-related restrictions and guidance as they relate to Alexandria, so the PG pool will close for the year in the coming weeks.

      Regarding the Metro shuttle, given that WMATA has begun to ramp back up toward its normal capacity, we’d like to get a sense of the current demand for resumption of the shuttle service. Please fill out this 2-question survey and let us know ...

    9. PYMIG Update – 8-7-20

      The City has posted its July PYMIG update video on the City website.  You can find it at  Slide 5 shows the near-term schedule of construction events happening over the next three months.  The current state of construction is depicted in slides 7-15. Slide 16 shows the long-term construction schedule through the completion of the station. Slide 17 shows upcoming Metrorail Station-related meetings.

      Update courtesy of Steve Crime – PG neighborhood’s PYMIG liaison

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