• New Sentry Community Manager Named
    Dear Potomac Greens Residents,

    At our request, Sentry Management has assigned us a new community manager, Alexander (Alex) Ciccarelli, who has taken the reins from Mel Davis. There may be some minor turbulence over the next several weeks as Alex slots into his new role, and we ask for your patience. We will update the various forms our residents use to communicate with Sentry Management, including ARB requests, clubhouse reservation requests, etc., by replacing Mel’s contact information with Alex’s contact information:

  • 7/12/24 | Scoops & Sips | 5-7 pm

    7/12/24 | Scoops & Sips | 5-7 pm | Rose Square

    PG Social Committee

  • Capital Bikeshare Station (Update)

    The Traffic and Parking Board will consider whether to install a Capital Bikeshare station on Potomac Greens Drive during its next public hearing on Monday, June 24, 2024, at 7:00 p.m. The Traffic and Parking Board meeting will be held in person in the Sister Cities Conference Room (Room #1101) on the first floor of City Hall (301 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia, 22314) and virtually via Zoom.  Docket materials are now available online. Docket item #6 contains information about the proposed Bikeshare station in our neighborhood. To attend the meeting virtually, participants ...

  • June 27 HOA Board Meeting Canceled

    The HOA Board of Directors meeting scheduled for Thursday, June 27, 2024, has been canceled.   We will not have enough members available to meet the quorum requirement due to overlapping vacations by Board members. The next HOA Board of Directors meeting will be Thursday, July 25, 2024.

  • Clubhouse Trash

    Animals have a habit of getting into our trash and making a mess in our community.  This is particularly the case for the trash cans outside the Clubhouse, near the pool.  We are working with our Clubhouse cleaning contractors to ensure the cans are taken out to the street for pick-up, but we also need residents to exercise some care when using these trash cans.

    Don’t use these cans for personal trash.  Now that the pool is open, these trash cans fill up quickly.  Please don’t use them for personal trash (i.e., unwanted mail, food, etc.) from your home.  Use your personal ...

  • Tree Pruning Notice

    Our community is adorned with trees. It’s important to note that the responsibility for pruning these trees is shared among three entities. The HOA takes care of trees in association common areas; the City looks after trees in sidewalk tree boxes, City parks, and the parkland east of Carpenter Rd; and homeowners are responsible for trees on their lots. This shared responsibility underscores our collective commitment to maintaining the beauty and health of our community.

    As a proactive measure, the Board has identified six HOA trees that require pruning. These include five trees (3-Crape Myrtles, 1-Maple, 1-Locust) on the pool’s north side, ...

  • Japanese Maple in Rose Square

    The Japanese Maple tree is a beautiful Rose Square seating area centerpiece. The bright leaf color, trunks, and limbs are a striking visual addition to those enjoying the view of the Square. However, while beautiful, the Japanese Maple’s trunks and limbs are fragile due to their smaller size and thin bark and are subject to damage and splitting if stressed by climbers. To preserve the tree’s natural beauty, we ask you to ensure your children do not climb the Japanese Maple. As a gentle reminder, we have placed four signs (Please Do Not Climb The Trees) around the tree’s base. ...

  • Rose Square Chemical Treatment

    TruGreen will spray chemicals on the grass areas of Rose Square and the south tot lot on Thursday, May 30, 2024. We recommend keeping children and pets out of these areas until noon on Friday, May 31, 2024.

  • Proposed Capital Bikeshare Station

    Earlier this year, the City notified the Board of Directors of a plan to install a Capital Bikeshare station on Potomac Greens Drive, near the entrance to the access road to the Metrorail station. The Board invited the City’s Shared Mobility Planner, Sean Martin, to attend the HOA Board Meeting on April 25, 2024, to provide interested residents with an overview of the Bikeshare station proposal. Approximately 25 residents attended the Board Meeting in person and shared their thoughts with Sean Martin.  The discussion was lively, and resident feedback to Sean primarily focused on changing the location of the Bikeshare ...

  • 2024 Pool Opening

    We are happy to announce that, weather permitting, the Potomac Greens pool will open its gates for the 2024 pool season on Saturday, May 25th! The pool will be open daily, 10 am-8 pm, through Labor Day, September 2nd. However, please note that there are some weather restrictions. The pool will close if it is actively raining, thunderstorms are in the area, or the air temperature is below 70 degrees. Remember, all residents will need a working key fob to enter the pool area.