Potomac Yards Metro

August 15th Update from the Board:

The board of directors presented the below information about ongoing negotiations regarding the traffic circle status during metro construction during the board meeting on August 15th.

JLR – Potomac Greens – WMATA Narrative (00141388xB5BD4)


July 19th Update from the City:

The city provided the attached letter as an overall status update to the Potomac Yard Metrorail Project. As always, questions on the metro project should go to the city via the project coordinator, Jason Kacamburas at 703-746-4048 or Jason.Kacamburas@alexandriava.gov

Potomac Yard Metrorail Project Update


July 14th Update from the City:

“Please find below an update on the ongoing Potomac Yard Metro boundary survey work which the City is conducting. Field work commenced Monday (7/10/17) and the field survey work is forecasted to be complete by next Friday (7/21/2017). I’ll send along a status update email next week to confirm.

Work completed this week (week of 7.10.2017):
  • The surveyor (RC Fields) set up control points and also tied in WMATA control network stations
  • Field data obtained has been rotated to the WMATA control network and we have located some existing monumentation that is reflected on the plans
Work forecasted for next week (week of 07.17.2017):
  • Tie in additional control points and utilize WMATA plans
  • Coordinate to search for any additional monumentation and verify the location of the parcel boundaries to be created”

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact the city.  Our point of contact is Jason Kacamburas and his email address is Jason.Kacamburas@alexandriava.gov.  


June 2017 Update:  The following information was provided to the board by the city in June 2017: 

“The City will be performing boundary surveys on two (2) parcels in the proximity of the future station. One parcel is just to the north of the future station location (where the new tracks will go) and one parcel is just to the east of where the future station platform will be situated. The City is coordinating closely with the National Park Service to obtain to appropriate permits for this work.

The site would be accessed by using Potomac Greens Drive, and accessing the site to the north. Support and surveying equipment which will be utilized includes a Global Positioning System (GPS), satellite receiver, survey total station, survey rods with reflectors, tripods for instruments and other associated land surveying tools. These boundary surveys are important so the City can establish land exchange agreements with the National Park Service. The City and NPS are forecasting this work to occur in the near future (potentially late June or early July, pending permit approvals and crew availability). Once started, the actual field survey work itself is forecasted to take about 1-2 weeks (pending weather and/or other elements).

Once I have additional info in regards to the exact dates of when the work will be occurring, I will reach back out to provide that info.”

PG Metro Survey – Final Results 2016.06.16


Potomac Yards Metro Station Survey