Update: Pre-Construction Home Inspections

Please see the following message from our Board president Ron Lafond regarding pre-Metro-construction home inspections. As previously announced, the deadline to register for an inspection is tomorrow, August 9.Please register using this link. All inspections must be completed by August 30. To determine whether your home is eligible for an inspection, please see the list of eligible addresses included in this PDF: PG Limit of Disturbance

“I spoke with the City and WMATA representatives at the end of the PYMIG meeting on Monday.

PYC (the firm building the Potomac Yard Metro station) was required by the City and the terms of the WMATA contract to subcontract home inspections to a third party vendor, Terracon. If anyone believes that their home has sustained damage after construction has concluded, PYC has said, in effect, that those homeowners could file a claim against PYC’s insurance policy.

No homeowner will be provided copies of the photos taken by PYC. If any homeowner wishes to independently document the interior and/or exterior condition of their home before heavy construction begins to establish an evidential baseline, they should appropriately date stamp and document the condition in a manner that would support a future insurance claim.

The HOA Board cannot recommend any course of action in this regard, but we do not discourage individual homeowners from pursuing whatever actions they deem necessary to protect their own interests. Homeowners should also examine the requirements and specifications laid out by the City in the Development Special Use Permit that authorized the construction of the Metro Station to better understand WMATA and PYC obligations.

Please note that this elicitation of facts and subsequent recommendations are solely those of Board President Ron Lafond, not the entire Board, and do not constitute legal advice, as Mr. Lafond is not an attorney. We encourage all homeowners to consult with independent legal counsel before considering bringing any legal actions against either the City, WMATA, or PYC.

Ron Lafond
Potomac Greens HOA Board President”