City Leaf Removal 10/30 in PG

Despite what the weather says, fall is definitely upon us!
This year, the city has agreed to conduct leaf collection in our neighborhood, which will augment our usual clean up by Grounds Management.  Our zone is scheduled to begin this Monday October 30th.  
City leaf collection is conducted a little differently than the thorough collection we see with Grounds Management.  The city will collect bagged leaves, if you choose to bag them, and vacuum leaves pushed to the curb.  They will not walk the streets with leaf blowers etc.  If you’d like to have your leaves collected this week, the best way to do so is to move them to the curb.  More information can be found on the city’s leaf collection page:
Grounds Management will still be conducting their comprehensive leaf removal throughout the season, so don’t worry if you miss the city collection!
All the best,
The Board