PYMIG and Construction Updates – 6/30/2020

There are two items of interest to the community.

PYMIG Update.  The June construction update video is now available on the City of Alexandria’s website at  Slide 7 contains the construction schedule for the next three months.  Slides 8-12 and 17-20 include current photos of station construction on the Potomac Greens side of the project.

Construction Update for the Pocket Park.  Fred Robertson, the WMATA project manager, contacted us to tell us that PYC had ordered the wrong style of benches for the circle. Instead of the City’s standard black metal benches, PYC ordered wooden benches similar to what we have currently installed in our neighborhood, although without center armrests.  The Board discussed the matter during the June 18, 2020, virtual Board Meeting.  The Board asked PYC to order the correct benches, and PYC has agreed. However, since the proper benches will not be delivered for at least 2-3 months, the Board requested PYC to install the wooden benches as an interim measure so our residents can use the benches this summer.  PYC agreed and installed the wooden benches on Monday morning.

Update courtesy of Steve Crime – PG neighborhood’s PYMIG liaison