PYMIG Notes (Video Update) – June 28, 2021

The PYMIG just posted a video update of Metrorail Station construction for June 2021.  The purpose of the video was for the builders (Potomac Yard Constructors or PYC) to discuss the Metrorail station’s progress and address the future construction schedule.  The video is available here.  I encourage residents to view the 11:56 minute video.  The drawing below will help residents locate the various elements of the Metrorail station.

Stormwater Drainage.  The design of the new Metrorail station requires PYC to install a drainage system to carry away stormwater from the new station.  When PYC installs the new tracks for the Metrorail station, PYC will remove the current WMATA tracks to make room for the drainage system.  Some preliminary work has begun on the system (slide 4).

Fixation Slab.  PYC has placed fill between the two platforms, and the area has been brought up to grade.  PYC will soon pour a concrete fixation slab between the platforms atop the fill.  The slab will support the new WMATA tracks (slides 6-9).

Platform Columns.  PYC has nearly completed installing the columns that will support the roof over the platforms (slides 10-14).

Headhouse and Platform Conduits.  PYC continues to install conduits in the headhouse and platform basements.  The conduits will contain the electrical wiring and controller connections to operate the Metrorail station (slides 15-16).

North Entrance Pavilion.  PYC originally planned to install the section of the pedestrian bridge to connect the North pavilion to the Knuckle in May.  However, the company fabricating the bridge experienced construction delays. PYC now anticipates installing the pedestrian bridge in July.  PYC is currently building the steel piers to temporarily support the pedestrian bridge (slides 18-19 and photo below).

Future Schedule.  You can find the short-term schedule through October on slide 26 and the long-term schedule through project completion on slide 27 (Note: The initial Development Special Use Permit (DSUP) for the Metrorail station and North pavilion was approved by City Council in December 2018. Construction of the Metrorail station began shortly thereafter with a projected completion date of March 2022.  The DSUP was modified by City Council in November 2020 (23 months later), to add the Southwest pavilion and pedestrian bridge to the project. PYC will complete the Southwest pavilion and the pedestrian bridge that connects it to the Knuckle in July 2022.  It is expected that the Metrorail station will still open in March 2022 before the Southwest pavilion is complete.)

update courtesy of Steve Crime – PG neighborhood’s PYMIG liaison