PYMIG Sept 2nd Update – 9/4/2020

The City posted its August PYMIG update video on the City website.  You can find it at  Slides 4-7 show the design of the Southwest Access Pavilion located in Potomac Yard.  Slide 10 contains the near-term construction schedule for the next three months.  Slides 14-19 depict the current state of construction. Slide 20 shows the long-term construction schedule through the completion of the station in March 2022. PYMIG will hold a virtual meeting on September 21, 2020.  City Staff will provide the time of the meeting and details on how to participate shortly.  I took the attached photo on September 2, 2020, from the Kaiser Permanente offices on the 4th floor of the National Industries of the Blind building.  It provides an overview of the entire station with the metro station building on the left (north) side of the photo and the two sets of double walls that will support the two platforms extending approximately 535 feet from the station building to the right (south) side of the photo.

Update courtesy of Steve Crime – PG neighborhood’s PYMIG liaison