September 16, 2019, Potomac Yard Metrorail Station Construction Update

The following is an update from our neighborhood’s PYMIG liaison, Steve Crime:

“The City informed me Friday afternoon that they had approved the Management of Traffic (MOT) plan and the permit for the demolition of our traffic circle. However, there was no additional information provided. I immediately asked for a copy of the MOT from the City and contacted Fred Robertson, WMATA project manager, to find out when demolition would begin. Yesterday I received some incomplete information on both topics. Specifically, I received the MOT visual exhibits for our community, but I did not receive any information for the area between Slaters Lane and the traffic circle. I also did not receive any of the written portions of the MOT that discuss the specifics related to anticipated construction traffic. However, in the interest of keeping our community informed, I prepared this interim update to share what I know so far.

MOT Plan. A 4-page PDF containing the visual depictions of what will happen within our community is available here: PG MOT plan. To summarize:

Page 1 depicts the overall impacts on our community. As previously reported, it shows that the builders will remove approximately 60% of the traffic circle and will convert the resulting intersection into a 3-way stop. The builders will install a solar-powered flashing crosswalk sign between Rose Square and our Clubhouse. The main entrance to the north construction area will become a 3-way stop with stop signs on Potomac Greens Drive, Carpenter Road and outbound from the construction area.

Page 2 includes a visual of the 3-way stop at the traffic circle.

Page 3 includes a visual of the proposed pocket park that will replace the traffic circle and serve as a physical barrier to protect the three homes that face south down Potomac Greens Drive.

Page 4 includes a visual of the 3-way stop at the entrance to the construction area. It also shows the builders will remove a crosswalk across Carpenter Road. The builders will then add a crosswalk across Potomac Greens Drive. Lastly, it shows the City will remove nine parking spaces along Carpenter Road. However, notices posted in that area stated there would be a public hearing on that matter before the Traffic and Parking Board on September 23, 2019, at 7:30pm in City Council Chambers.

Demolition of the Traffic Circle. Fred Robertson received the news of the approved permit via the same email I received on Friday. He emailed me yesterday and said he does not anticipate starting demolition before Monday, September 23, 2019. The builders need to order some signs to meet the requirements of the MOT and get some final matters resolved. Fred Robertson expects that demolition would start sometime next week.

I will prepare a final update for these matters when I receive additional information. I hope to have that out to you no later than Friday, September 20, 2019.”

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