Survey notices and scheduling

The following message is from our HOA President, Ron Lafond, regarding the recently-mailed notices of pre-construction surveys of PG homes:

“Dear Potomac Greens Homeowners and Residents–

As you know, the initial pre-construction activities for the Potomac Yard Metrorail Station are now underway, including erection of fencing around the city-owned Potomac Greens Park at the north end of our community where staging for the construction of the station will occur.

One of the stipulations of the Development Special Use Permit that the City issued to WMATA and the contractors, Potomac Yard Contractors (PYC), included a requirement for pre-construction surveys of homeowner properties within a 250-foot Limit of Disturbance (LoD) of construction activities.

PG Homeowners–presumably all properties within the LoD–were sent notification via certified mail sometime last week (by way of a letter dated July 9, 2019). The deadline for signing up for a pre-construction survey is this Friday, July 26. You may schedule your appointment for survey on a first come, first-served basis by signing up at or by contacting PYC at if you cannot access the website.

We are in the process of asking the City to extend the deadline another two weeks to account for the lateness of receiving the notices, but we don’t have any guarantee that the City or Metro will require that of WMATA or PYC.

The Board has already scheduled inspections for the properties owned by the HOA, including the clubhouse, Rose Square, the traffic circle, and the pumphouse. We will also be requesting that the City and PYC take appropriate pre-construction surveys of all PG HOA-owned common properties (alleyways, mainly) that abut the main construction hauling route and city-owned streets that may be degraded during construction.

Ron Lafond
President, PG HOA Board of Directors”