Traffic Circle Restoration – 9.15.23 Changes to traffic patterns

I met with Fred Robertson (WMATA Project Manager), Dustin Burkett (PYC), and other contractor personnel to discuss the Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) plan for the traffic circle restoration. The builders designed the MOT plan to deconflict inbound/outbound traffic for Potomac Greens while providing the contractors adequate room to restore the traffic circle safely. On Monday, September 18th, PYC will remove the planters along the eastern edge of the pocket park. PYC will replace the planters with water barriers (water-filled plastic barriers that look like jersey walls). The bold red stripe in the bottom photo outlines the location of the water barriers.   


The new traffic pattern will have inbound traffic traveling along the eastern edge of the traffic circle. PYC will remove the park benches and flanking planters to reopen the road on the west side of the traffic circle for outbound traffic. PYC will install signage on Potomac Greens Drive, warning vehicles that the traffic pattern changes.

update courtesy of Steve Crime, PG HOA PYMIG Representative