Start-of-Year Requests, Surveys, Reminders – 1/27/2021

With the new year, the Board has the following reminders and requests for info.
1. Homeowners, please remember to pay your monthly dues and email Christie Beruete ( with questions. If COVID has affected your ability to pay your dues, please reach out to Christie. The Board will work with you on a solution, and all requests of this nature are kept strictly confidential.
2. Landscape crews will be coming through the neighborhood in the coming days to distribute mulch. Homes with blue reflectors will not receive mulch, so please remove or display your reflectors accordingly.
3. Tell us about your anticipated commuting needs for 2021! Take the new 3-question Metro shuttle survey here.
4. We don’t yet know when we’ll be able to reopen the gym, but in the meantime we’re assessing its equipment. Let us know which machines you used or didn’t in pre-COVID times with this 3-question gym usage survey.
All best–
The PG HOA Board