PG Parking Permit Survey – 02/02/2021

As the Potomac Yard Metro project continues, the Board is considering applying through the City to designate Potomac Greens as a residential parking permit district. This would allow PG residents to purchase permits and park without issue on our neighborhood streets (which are City-owned). More importantly, it would also deter non-residents from parking in PG merely to use the new Metro station.

Please take a look at the following details (below) and then complete this 1-question survey–here–about your interest in the creation of a special parking district.

Thank you–
The PG HOA Board


Creating a Residential Permit Parking District (RPPD) for Potomac Greens/Old Town Greens/Potowmack Crossing

ISSUE: We anticipate non-resident parking issues will arise in the Potomac Greens/Old Town Greens neighborhoods when the new Potomac Yard Metrorail Station opens in March 2022, unless we petition the City and establish an RPPD.

BACKGROUND: The City’s former process to create an RPPD was cumbersome and lengthy, taking about a year to have a new RRPD approved and implemented. During meetings of the Potomac Yards Metrorail Implementation Workgroup (PYMIG) residents asked if the City could streamline the process. In December 2019, the City Council approved streamlined procedures to cut in half the time for the approval and implementation process. More importantly, the process can begin before the Metrorail Station is scheduled to open.

PROPOSAL: The City Staff propose two separate RPPDs; one in Potomac Yard (west of the rail lines) and one for Potomac Greens, Old Town Greens, and Potowmack Crossing (see drawing).

PROCESS: The process begins with a request from residents or a Homeowners Association (HOA)/Condominium Owners Association (COA) to City Staff requesting the RPPD. City Staff then prepares and sends out ballots to all residences within the proposed RPPD. At least 50% of residents must return the ballots by a specified date, and more than 60% of the returned ballots must support establishing an RPPD. If the ballot requirements are met, the Traffic and Parking Board will hold a public meeting and recommend approval/disapproval to the City Council. City Council makes the final decision whether to approve/disapprove the RPPD request and direct the immediate installation of ‘Parking District’ signs on City streets.

IMPLEMENTATION: Residents of an RPPD may obtain an RPPD sticker from the City. The annual cost of an RPPD sticker is $40 for the first vehicle, $50 for the second vehicle, and $150 for subsequent vehicles. Residents are NOT required to obtain stickers for vehicles if they park in a garage; however, any vehicle parked on a City street within the RPPD must have a sticker, or it will be subject to the RPPD restrictions/fines.  The City will not issue stickers to non-resident homeowners in an RPPD; however, tenants who reside in the home may obtain stickers. The tenants must apply at City Hall and present a document, such as a lease or utility bill, that shows their current residence is within the RPPD.

VISITORS: The City also has procedures for a resident’s short-term guests and longer-term visitors. Using the MyAlex app, residents can obtain a guest permit online which allows a vehicle to park for 24 hours in an RPPD that would usually be limited to two or three hours. Each guest vehicle requires a separate permit. Residents may obtain visitor permits at City Hall. The visitor permit is valid for a maximum of 30 days. The City will issue no more than two visitor permits to the same residence at the same time. There is no fee for a visitor permit of 1-7 days.  The fee for visitor permits issued for 8-30 days is $5.

NEXT STEPS: Since it will take approximately six months to establish an RPPD, the residents of Potomac Greens, Old Town Greens, and Potowmack Crossing may wish to let their HOA/COA Boards know their desires for an RPPD. The PG HOA Board will survey our residents in the near future to determine if they support the creation of an RPPD. If so, we anticipate beginning the process in mid-Summer or early Fall of 2021 to ensure the RPPD is approved and implemented prior to the planned opening of the new Metrorail station in March 2022.