Jan. 2021 PYMIG Meeting Notes (video update) – 2021-02-04

The PYMIG posted a video update of Metrorail Station construction on February 2, 2020.  The video’s purpose was for the builders (Potomac Yard Constructors or PYC) to discuss the Metrorail Station’s progress and address the future construction schedule.  The video is available here.  I encourage residents to view the 12:34 minute video.  The drawing below will help residents locate the various elements of the Metrorail station.

1. Mezzanine/Headhouses. The concrete pours for the mezzanine are almost complete. There will be some additional concrete pours for the headhouse platforms. Due to cold temperatures, the builders wrapped the lower portion of the mezzanine in plastic and installed heaters to ensure proper curing of the mezzanine floor concrete (slides 4-9).
2. North Entrance Pavilion. The North entrance pavilion will be the primary access to the future Virginia Tech Innovation campus and commercial development in Potomac Yard (slides 11-13).
3. AC Switchgear Building. PYC has installed the plastic underlayment and rebar for the building floor (slide 14).
4. PYC will drive 38 piles in the Knuckle’s vicinity in Potomac Yard (slides 18-20).
5. Although not part of the Metrorail Station project, the Regal Theater in Potomac Yard is being demolished to make way for the future Virginia Tech Innovation Campus (see photo).
6. Future Schedule. You can find PYC’s short-term construction schedule (through April 2021) on slide 21 and the long-term project schedule (through project completion in March 2022) on slide 22.

update courtesy of Steve Crime – PG neighborhood’s PYMIG liaison