City Proposal to Install a Capital Bikeshare Station in Potomac Greens

Dear Potomac Greens Residents,

The Alexandria Department of Transportation and Environmental Services (TES) notified us they are considering placing a Capital Bikeshare station in our community. They propose putting the Bikeshare station next to the small park at the north end of Potomac Greens Drive (see photos).

In the notice we received, the TES representative stated, “I’d be happy to attend an upcoming community meeting to discuss it further and/or provide a short feedback form for community members to share their thoughts.”  We responded that we would like TES to provide our residents with a feedback form and then have the representative attend a Board meeting to discuss the feedback he had received. We also asked if TES could consider other locations, such as the north side of the gazebo, where the Bikeshare station would be somewhat hidden and not directly opposite our homes.

All Best,

Potomac Greens Board of Directors