Repaving Potomac Greens Drive

Dear Potomac Greens Residents,

We contacted the Alexandria Superintendent for Paving to clarify when the City estimates it will repave Potomac Greens Drive (PGD). The start of Alexandria’s six-to-seven-month paving “season” is determined by temperature. Proper asphalt paving requires ambient temperature to remain above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, which usually occurs in early April. Also, due to the temperature requirement for proper asphalt paving, local asphalt suppliers usually cease their operations from October to the end of March. Alexandria’s primary asphalt supplier is now preparing their equipment for a return to full-time operation, ensuring the highest quality of asphalt for our roads.

The Superintendent estimates that the City will commence work on the 2024 scheduled repaving schedule on or about April 8, 2024, weather permitting. Initially, the City will complete the repaving of North Washington Street, halted by weather in October 2023. The Superintendent anticipates PGD will be repaved in the June/July timeframe, depending on the weather, and will keep us informed of any changes.

All Best,
Potomac Greens HOA Board of Directors