Clubhouse Trash

Animals have a habit of getting into our trash and making a mess in our community.  This is particularly the case for the trash cans outside the Clubhouse, near the pool.  We are working with our Clubhouse cleaning contractors to ensure the cans are taken out to the street for pick-up, but we also need residents to exercise some care when using these trash cans.

Don’t use these cans for personal trash.  Now that the pool is open, these trash cans fill up quickly.  Please don’t use them for personal trash (i.e., unwanted mail, food, etc.) from your home.  Use your personal trash cans for that.

Ensure the cans are closed.  If you notice the cans are close to full, please don’t add trash to them.  If the lids don’t fully close, it’s more likely animals will get in.  That means you may have to take your trash home.  This is particularly true for residents who host events in the Clubhouse.  Please don’t overfill the trash cans outside.

Be careful when disposing of food waste.  If possible, please dispose of uneaten food in your home trash cans.  This will make the community trash cans less appealing to critters.

Thank you for your help in keeping our community clean and beautiful!