Tree Pruning Notice

Our community is adorned with trees. It’s important to note that the responsibility for pruning these trees is shared among three entities. The HOA takes care of trees in association common areas; the City looks after trees in sidewalk tree boxes, City parks, and the parkland east of Carpenter Rd; and homeowners are responsible for trees on their lots. This shared responsibility underscores our collective commitment to maintaining the beauty and health of our community.

As a proactive measure, the Board has identified six HOA trees that require pruning. These include five trees (3-Crape Myrtles, 1-Maple, 1-Locust) on the pool’s north side, which are touching homes at 1800, 1802, 1804, and 1806 Potomac Greens Drive.  Additionally, a Chinese Elm on Rose Square, opposite 704 Rose Square, is touching an HOA streetlight.  We have taken action and contracted with Davey Trees to prune all six trees. They will be on-site on June 17, 2024 (weather permitting) to complete the pruning in one day. This proactive approach ensures the safety and aesthetics of our community.