Construction Update & New No Parking – 6/11/20

There are two items of interest to the community:

  1. Metro Station Construction. The builders have installed 1400+ Controlled Modulus Columns (CMCs) to support the weight of the new metro station instead of using driven piles. The massive piece of CMC installation equipment, brought into the site four months ago, was removed yesterday aboard a large flatbed truck that measured 114 feet long from cab to the rear trailer.  Over the next six months, the builders will be pouring cement for the station’s foundation and platforms and will be placing additional fill to bring the area up to track level.
  2. 3-Way Stop at the (former) Traffic Circle.  To improve the visibility of the inbound/outbound stop signs on Potomac Greens Drive, the City has designated “No Parking” areas before the stop signs.  Please be advised that City Parking Enforcement will ticket cars parked in the “No Parking” areas.  See photos

Update courtesy of Steve Crime  – PG neighborhood’s PYMIG liaison