PYMIG & Potomac Yard Design Advisory Committee (PYDAC) Updates – 6/24/2020

There are two items of interest to the community.

PYMIG Update.  Virginia Polytechnic and State University (Virginia Tech) approached the City with a request to submit a proposal to WMATA, adding “VT” as a secondary name of the future Potomac Yard Metrorail station name:  Potomac Yard would become Potomac Yard-VT.  If the name change process is conducted now, the City and WMATA anticipate there will be no impact on the station construction schedule or costs, since wayfinding signage and materials costs are built into the station construction budget. Changing the station name at a later date could cost hundreds of thousands to over a million dollars depending on whether WMATA is concurrently updating their maps.

PYDAC Update.  For those unfamiliar with PYDAC, its role is to review development plans for compliance with the Design Guidelines and Standards of Potomac Yard.  They hold virtual meetings, open to the public, via Zoom.  Although somewhat far afield of PYMIG’s responsibilities, you may wish to review the PYDAC presentations. They will provide an overview of the future PY development we will be able to access when the Metrorail Station is complete.  Tonight, the PYDAC discussed proposals for development in the area on the north (Crystal City) side of the Regal Theater, which will include the new VT Campus. The pictures below show the information about the proposed VT campus:

The next PYDAC Zoom meeting will be June 29, 2020, from 7-9 pm.  The presentation slides and registration instructions can be found at

Update courtesy of Steve Crime  – PG neighborhood’s PYMIG liaison