Final 2020 PG Meetings: dates and details – 10/18/20

Dear PG neighbors–

Because we can’t be sure that indoor gatherings will be permitted throughout the rest of this year or what restrictions will apply to them, the annual Potomac Greens Association meeting for 2020 will be held virtually on Saturday and Sunday, December 12th and 13th, starting at noon each day.

The last regular Board meeting for the year will be held Thursday, November 12, at 7pm, also virtually, and the Board will answer residents’ questions about the annual meeting then, but for now here are the basics and several important dates:

— Two Board positions will come up for election at the end of this year. A call for candidates is being sent by mail from Sentry Management in the next few days. Please check your mailboxes for these forms in the next week or so.

— Candidates’ statements of interest are due to Christie Beruete of Sentry Management by November 16.

— Shortly thereafter, the agenda for the annual meeting, candidate information, proxy forms, and instructions for how to vote, either directly or by proxy, will be sent to all homeowners from Sentry Management by mail.

— If you choose to cast your vote during the annual meeting this year, you’ll do so electronically. Electronic polls will open on Saturday, December 12, just before the annual meeting goes into recess. Those who cannot vote during the meeting can use proxy forms, similar to years past.

— Candidates will have the opportunity to make speeches or remarks, virtually, to all attendees during the meeting.

— Polls will remain open until 10am on Sunday, December 13.

— At noon on the 13th, the meeting will be reconvened for the sole purpose of announcing the election results.

The Board will send updates and reminders about this process between now and December 12, and, as mentioned, we’ll be prepared to answer questions at the November 12 Board meeting. Despite the curveballs that 2020 has thrown our way, we look forward to having an annual meeting that is as safe and efficient as those in the past.

All best–
The PG HOA Board


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