Metrorail Station Construction Oct. 3 Update – 10/4/20

The latest construction photos of the Metrorail Station are attached.  The first photo shows support scaffolding being installed for the cantilevered passenger platforms that will be located on both sides of the future metrorail tracks.  The next two photos show the workers fabricating the rebar forms for the station’s support columns.   In the fourth photo, the rebar columns can be seen in the background of the west headhouse platform wall forms.

Although not part of the metrorail station construction, the City recently installed two solar-powered radar speed detectors on Potomac Greens Dr. (PGD) to monitor traffic.  One is located at the corner of PGD and Miller Ln. and one is located at the corner of PGD and Rose Sq.

Update courtesy of Steve Crime – PG neighborhood’s PYMIG liaison