Metrorail Station Construction Jan.17, 2021 Update – 1/17/21

This update contains the latest Metrorail station construction photos. The majority of the steel frame for the North entrance pavilion (Potomac Yard side) is now in place (photo 1).  The builders completed installing forms for the Metrorail Station’s mezzanine concrete support beams and floor (photo 2).  Last week, the builders began pouring the concrete for the mezzanine support beams and floor (photos 3).  The black and orange tarps in the photo are insulating blankets placed on top of the concrete after it is poured.   The builders have begun initial preparations in Potomac Yard to build the South pavilion entrance (photo 4). The PYMIG will hold a virtual meeting via Zoom on January 25, 2021 at 7 pm.  The link to the meeting will be published sometime this week at the PYMIG website

Update courtesy of Steve Crime – PG neighborhood’s PYMIG liaison