Notice From Landscaping Committee

Dear Potomac Greens Residents,

We hope you are having a wonderful summer and are ready for an exciting fall.

Our neighborhood is faring very well under the usual summer stress.  The changes instituted this year on how we manage the turf on Rose Square and other common areas have yielded positive results. We have let the grass grow a little taller, putting less stress on the plant and allowing the roots to go deeper. This makes the grass more robust and better able to withstand higher temperatures, dryer conditions, and our residents’ increased use of all common areas. We are sure you are enjoying all the bright colors of Rose Square’s trees and flowers. These healthy plants will undoubtedly add to the fall vistas.

For our homeowners, we worked closely with our landscapers to develop an updated list of foundation plants (perennial shrubs and bushes) — Landscape Committee Recommended plant list — that will flourish under the current weather patterns. As you know, our governing documents (CCRs) state that homeowners are responsible for the foundation plants around their homes and must replace them with similar plants should they die. As you prepare for the Fall planting season, which begins in mid-September, the list of plants that will thrive in Potomac Greens is attached to this email, Facebook post, and can be found on our association’s web site.

You can be creative with restoration as there are so many options available to you to help make the outside of your home exquisite. The suggested list will help make your work more manageable. Keep in mind the sooner you do your fall plantings, the sooner the plants will become established, especially with the potential for a harsh winter this year. Also, make sure you do thirty days of watering ensuring strong root growth.

The Landscaping Committee is always looking for suggestions on maintaining and improving our community. Feel free to email our Community Manager, Christie Beruete, with any questions or concerns at

We look forward to seeing you in the neighborhood.

All Best,

PG HOA Landscaping Committee

Landscape Committee Recommended plant list