PG Clubhouse & Pool

Dear PG neighbors–

Governor Northam issued a new Executive Order on May 14th that eliminates nearly all COVID-19-related facility restrictions. This order goes into effect at midnight on May 28, so we now have a timeline for reopening the PG clubhouse, fitness center, and pool. Here are the details and a request for your help:

Clubhouse / fitness center: The fitness center will resume its regular hours on Saturday, May 29. Masks will not be required (although CDC recommends unvaccinated individuals continue to wear masks for self-protection in crowded spaces), and no capacity limits, or social distancing requirements will be in place, but please wipe down the equipment after use as you always have. The clubhouse meeting room will also be available again for reservations starting on May 29. Also, please note that over the next few months the clubhouse will be cleaned daily.

Pool: The Board contracted with a pool company several months ago in anticipation of this summer’s pool season, so the pool is ready to go. However, we’ve been notified this week that there’s a widespread lifeguard shortage in our area (because local lifeguards usually come here from overseas, and COVID has restricted their travel this year), and without lifeguards the PG pool cannot legally open or operate. We’ve asked our pool contractor to offer PG lifeguards higher hourly wages and are working with other companies to search for lifeguards, too, but we need your help! If you know any certified lifeguards who are available to work in PG this summer, please have them contact Christie Beruete ( If you know anyone over the age of 16 who’s willing to get certified, please also have them contact Christie. PG HOA and the pool company will handle their training, permits, and associated fees.

In the meantime we’ll continue our search with the aim of opening the pool as soon as possible.

Thanks, neighbors–
The PG HOA Board