PYMIG and Construction Updates – 5-19-2020

There are two items of interest to the community.

PYMIG Update. The PYMIG has not met since February 7, 2020, because of COVID-19 concerns.  The City anticipates PYMIG meetings will resume in the Fall. However, a short video presentation of PYMIG-related topics was uploaded to the City website last week. The narrator, Daphne Kott, addresses the latest construction schedule (slide 5), provides photos of ongoing construction (slides 6-10), and presents an overview of the entire project schedule (slide 11). The presentation closes by addressing concerns raised by our residents over construction practices. You can view the presentation at:…

Construction Update. The builders removed the temporary jersey walls from the traffic circle today and installed the concrete planters. The builders stated that Chapel Valley landscaping would be filling the planters with soil and the plantings over the next week, weather permitting. The builders also said they would receive the benches for the pocket park in the next few weeks.

Update courtesy of Steve Crime  – PG neighborhood’s PYMIG liaison