Trash Collection & Dog Leash and Clean-up – 4-7-2020

City of Alexandria – Refuse Collection Changes & Help Protect Crews

The City is asking its residents to help reduce discarded waste in order to help protect collection crews. You can see the complete notice here. Some very important things to note are:

  • Dispose of used wipes, tissues and paper towels in trash bags that are tied shut.
  • Flatten cardboard boxes to create more room in recycling carts.
  • For customers with City-issued trash carts, bags and bulk material placed outside the carts will be left uncollected. This change will take effect Monday, April 13.
  • Yard waste pickup in Alexandria remains suspended until further notice.

Leash Laws

While we all love our dogs, some people, especially children, and other dogs may be frightened by them. Please keep your dog on leash and the leash in your hands at all times. Based on Alexandria City ordinance, dogs that are unleashed or leashed but running at large can be reported to Animal Control and the owners could face possible fines. As we are all sharing more confined spaces, maintaining control over your dog to avoid any accidents occurring to human or other animal is important to keeping everyone safe.

Pick-up After Your Dog – It’s the Law

Please, please, please be considerate of your neighbors and pick-up after your dog(s) in all areas of the community including the nature trail. There a several Duty Calls stations around the neighborhood that are paid for by the Potomac Greens HOA. Let’s encourage everyone to use them! It should go without saying, that this is a health issue, since dog feces on human shoe or dog paw is unsanitary to say the least. We live among our fellow Potomac Greens residents in close quarters and this is all the more true when it comes to walking our pups outside. We need to be respectful of the common space we share and to keep our lovely neighborhood as clean as possible.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please email Christie Beruete (