PYMIG/Parking District Update 10/11/2022

The Alexandria Department of Transportation & Environmental Services provided us with a formal RPPD 14 parking enforcement update via email.  The text of the email follows:

Potomac Greens Residents,
Please distribute this information to your neighbors within your RPP District!
First off, I’d like to apologize for any confusion created by the letter we mailed out to each residence in your District regarding parking signage and enforcement. Our Signs team has been extremely busy so they weren’t able to get to installing the signs until recently. As for enforcement, we will continue with our initial understanding, which was to begin parking enforcement on the day the Potomac Yard Metrorail Station opens, to allow residents enough time to obtain Residential Parking Permits. So even though signs have been installed, they will not be enforced until the Metrorail station opens. A specific date for the station opening has not yet been released but it is likely to be in early 2023, so the best advice we can provide is to obtain the Residential Parking Permit as soon as possible given that there is no benefit of waiting to do so.
In addition, to clarify:

      • The Alexandria Police Department and Parking Enforcement team are aware that they should not enforce until the Metrorail station opens
      • Residents can obtain Residential Parking Permits at any time—there is no late fee for obtaining them after October. The Department of Finance is aware of this

 Please let me know if you have any questions.
 Thank you,
Max Devilliers
Urban Planner II
Transportation and Environmental Services

Update courtesy of Steve Crime, PG’s neighborhood liaison to PYMIG.