PYMIG/Parking District Update 10/7/2022

Various branches of the City government have given our residents conflicting messages on the details of the new parking district.  This was further complicated last week when WMATA announced the opening of the new Metrorail station would be delayed until 2023, but they did not provide a new opening date.  Earlier this week, I sent an email to the Department of the City government that has primary responsibility for implementing the new parking district, Transportation & Environmental Services (T&ES).  I asked them to coordinate internally within T&ES, and with Finance and the Police to get everyone on the same page.  I just received an email response from my T&ES contact.  The summary is that Finance would not charge late fees for parking district stickers, and more importantly, the Police will not enforce the parking district restrictions until the Metrorail station opens in 2023.  My contact said we would receive a formal response next week on these matters, and we will post that response when received.

Steve Crime
PG’s neighborhood liaison to PYMIG