PYC Noise Variance Permit – Feb. 17 – Mar. 6, 2021

Potomac Yard Constructors (PYC) has been issued a noise variance permit for night work as described below. The scope of work consists of the assembly and erection of the pedestrian bridge across WMATA and CSX roadways (tracks). This work is required to take place at night due to CSX regulations regarding work over the active roadway. Note, the work may not be continuous due to weather and availability of CSX work windows.

Dates of work and anticipated activities: February 17th through March 6th: Bridge Erection Over CSX and WMATA Roadways

Work Hours: 6:00pm – 7:00am

Activity: Pedestrian Bridge Erection

Location: North Pavilion site area and the rail corridor (adjacent to Potomac Avenue)

What Residents Can Expect: Crane, light tower, and boom lift noise throughout the night. PYC will ensure the light towers and boom lifts are in place during daytime hours to minimize the noise and equipment alarms during nighttime hours. Without compromising a safe working environment, the light towers will be pointed away from residents’ homes as much as practicable.

If there is a Project site related emergency, please call 914-353-2225. Call your local contacts and emergency numbers for all non-project related issues and emergencies.

If you have any questions about these activities, please contact the City Inspector Brian Whiteley at 703-656-6025 during regular City business hours.


update courtesy of Steve Crime – PG neighborhood’s PYMIG liaison