Survey Results on Shuttle, Fitness Center, Parking

Thanks to all the residents and homeowners who responded to the recent surveys regarding the fitness center, Metro shuttle, and potential parking changes in our neighborhood. Here’s a summary of the results and the Board’s next steps on each matter:

Shuttle: The recent survey of PG residents’ need for resumption of the Metro shuttle service showed a lack of demand for now and into the next few months. Therefore there are no immediate plans to restart the service at this time. The Board will continue to monitor the situation in consultation with the two Old Town Green communities who participated in and contributed to the cost of the shuttle service.

Fitness center: According to the survey, the least used pieces of equipment in the fitness center are the recumbent bike and the leg curl machine. The most requested types of new equipment are a rowing machine and a Smith Machine. The Board plans to further discuss this feedback and consider options to update and replace equipment.

Parking district: Of the 161 responses to this survey, 85.7% were in favor of designating PG a special parking district and 14.3% were against. Most of the votes against the permits mentioned three concerns: 1) that parking is free now and should remain so; 2) that the costs of permits were too high; and 3) that it’s too soon to determine whether the permits will be necessary. The Board has taken these concerns into consideration, but, given the 6:1 ratio of votes in favor of the permit system, we plan to ask the City in June 2021 to begin its process for designating new parking permit districts. However, please note that the first step in this process is for the City to survey PG residents again to gauge their support. Only if support still exists will the request be reviewed by the City Traffic and Parking Board, and then the City Council would have final approval/disapproval authority. This is a months-long process and, if approved, we would ask for the parking district to be established just prior to when the station is scheduled to open in March 2022.

We’ll continue to keep you apprised of developments on these fronts. The next Board meeting is set for Thursday, March 25, at 7pm, and all residents are encouraged to attend. It will be held virtually; please email Christie Beruete at for log-in details if you plan to attend.

All best–
The PG HOA Board