Traffic & Parking Board meeting outcomes

As previously announced, the City’s Traffic & Parking Board met last night and received the recommendation from Transportation & Environmental Services that the forthcoming Potomac Greens parking district be restricted to 2-hour parking, 8am-5pm, Monday-Saturday. The T&P Board approved these restrictions with a proviso that if, in the four months immediately following the opening of the new Metro station, more than 70% of PG parking spaces per block become occupied by non-residents, the City can extend the restrictions to 11pm without going back to the T&P Board.

The next step is for the City to create and install signage to demarcate the new parking district in the coming months. The new district won’t be enforced until closer to the new Metro station’s opening.

Thank you to the residents who attended last night’s meeting.

All best–
The PG HOA Board